eSIM is a reality in the digital world. The new generation allows you to replace your traditional SIM card and have a full and smooth digital experience with eSIM.

Easy and simple to manage through Telindus WebSelfCare.

Key benefits eSIM

  • Simplicity of activation and management for the fleet manager via the Telindus WebSelfCare. A full digital experience!

  • It is instantly activated. No delays, no waiting times. Ready when you need it!

  • eSIM is compliant with all GSM Association requirements, ensuring a secured environment

  • If you have one of the eSIM compatible devices you can be part of this journey NOW! Check which devices are available for you.


For whom ?

The benefits

  • With eSIM you can have 2 or more different subscriptions on your phone, e.g. private, Luxembourgish or not. 1 phone, multiple subscriptions. As long as your device supports eSIM.

  • Do it yourself with an unique digital experience, brought to you with our WebSelfCare solution. Be in control and activate from the comfort of your house.

  • With eSIM and the WebSelfCare portal, take advantage of various options to manage your mobile fleet more easily: instant activation of the eSIM, replacement of a physical SIM card with an eSIM, replacement of the eSIM in case of loss or theft, etc.

The characteristics

  • Digital 
  • Ecologic
  • Simple 
  • Secure