DigitalKYC Secure & Compliant solution for client /counterpart life cycle management

DigitalKYC is a unique, fully automated modular platform allowing the onboarding and re-onboarding of individuals, legal entities, and beneficial owners. It includes the collection of KYC data, verification of a customer’s identity, anti-money laundering (AML) check, enhanced due diligence, and obtaining a legally binding electronic signature.

This cutting-edge service can be accessed via any device, enabled by an omni-channel approach, providing banks, insurances, fund industry, service providers, and other businesses with an advanced solution that satisfies customer expectations: A seamless modern client experience, compliant with current and upcoming regulations – such as PSD2, AML4, GDPR, and more.

Key benefits DigitalKYC

  • Customer Acquisition Time

    Reduce time to onboard an individual or legal entity to under 8 minutes

  • Time to Revenue

    Speed up time to revenue with simple multi-jurisdictional, multi-product onboarding

  • Cost Efficiency

    Improve operational efficiency and reduce onboarding cost by over 70%

  • Automate Procedure

    Fully automate onboarding procedure, removing the need for human interaction

  • Omni-device approach

    Allow access to onboarding platform via any device with responsive user interfaces

  • Holistic Solution

    Comprises a variety of tools such as video recognition, ID verification, and phone validation & scoring

  • Regulatory Compliance

    Ensures compliance to latest and upcoming regulations via authorized financial service provider

For whom ?

The benefits

  • Delegate – Managed Service

    End-to-end selection of customized implementation, delegated operational platform responsibility and 1st line customer support. Experience the benefits of a new technology without significant investments in a new team and infrastructure. Partners can now focus on their main business.

  • Custom Fit - Self Operate

    Pre-built functionalities and interfaces adapting to customer demand: Integrated into the client’ business workflows to drive productivity. Enhanced client compliance operations to meet and exceed increasingly rigorous regulatory expectations.

  • Integrate Modules - Access

    Integration of specific Service Modules into already existing solution via APIs calls. Enhanced customer onboarding process without having costly and cumbersome developments.

The characteristics

  • Phone Number reputation scoring & Deep Data : Confirm ownership & type: fix line, prepaid vs contract, device, location, carrier & address details
  • User Verification & with OTP Authentication : verification and two factors authentication using SMS or voice
  • (2-way) SMS & Voice Communication : Send & receive SMS-alerts, reminders and notifications for improved customer communication
  • Smart Profiling Logic : Interactive workflow process matching user input to country, customer type, product & risk requirement
  • Public eID, BankID Sign-up : Integration with national and public eID providers to ensure customer identity
  • ID Document capture & verification : ID form, MRZ (Machine Readable Zone), holograms, micro checks, parse document information
  • Facial Matching & Liveness Test : Detect ‘liveness’ to prove presence & ensure ID matches live face
  • Electronic Document Signing : Legally binding electronic signature with eIDs, SMS-TAN, hardware or software token
  • Corporate Commercial Registers : Audit-proof data-sets for commercial registers: register no., shareholders, beneficial Owners
  • Sanction Lists & Exposed Persons (PEPs) : Match against EU, US and international sanction lists, including OFAC, PEP, OSFI and EU Freeze list
  • Holistic solution: Comprises a wide array of modules such as:  ID-verification, Liveness test, Phone validation, Address verification & Risk scoring