Digital work environment Equipment serving your business

The arrival of the new generation is overturning established work habits and codes. You have to be creative and flexible to remain attractive to these new, increasingly connected talents. Digital nomadism and the virtualisation of workplaces, the convergence of the private and business worlds is part and parcel of the challenges you have to tackle to improve your work environment. 

When choosing devices to connect to your company’s information system, go for fast, flexible and multimedia ones. Your hardware must enable you to push your limits, thanks to the opening of communications, the Internet and wireless networks.

Also consider Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). You will have an exceptional user experience, fluid and interactive in a centralised and secure company context.

Key benefits Digital work environment

  • Quality service and proximity

    Choosing appropriate hardware contributes to your company’s competitiveness and versatility . Stay as close to your customers as possible.

  • Relevance and performance

    Equip yourself with products matching your business needs and the employees who make up your company.

  • Trust

    Experience and a strong partnership with cutting-edge manufacturers guarantee your project’s success.

For whom ?

The benefits

  • Ideally suited equipment

    Our methodical approach guarantees that you will make the right choice. Auditing and classifying the activities and users will make it possible to model the right processes for transforming a physical environment into a modern and digitised work space.

  • Benefit from solid experience

    We draw on our knowledge of the market to advise you on the choice of the constituent solutions of your collaborative environment. Our teams are there to support you in all phases of constructing your new environment.

The characteristics

  • Tailored, reliable, scalable and versatile solution
  • Easy connection, without stress or complexity
  • Speed, ease of use
  • Security in line with the rules and regulations
  • Experiences and references in all lines of business
  • Integration with existing company components
  • Device as a service
  • Partnership with the market's biggest manufacturers

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