Digital Signature eID / eSignature

Different levels of eSignatures to enable secure & easy signing

Key benefits Digital Signature

  • Authentication & ID-Sharing App, linked to SIM & Mobile phone.

  • Enables swift & secure log-in across systems.

  • Respects eIDAS as qualified e-signature & is GDPR compliant.

  • Security founded on SIM & unique code.

  • Encrypted data send over secure mobile network & stored in Belgian data center.

  • One-time web-based onboarding via bank card or eID card reader

The benefits

  • Simplicity : Reduces the need for multiple identifiers, allows acting via mobile phone, makes paper obsolete

  • Control : Decide whom you share with & what you share

  • Traceability: history of actions, timing & items shares with whom.

  • Multiple uses: Log-in (incl. MS 360), Transaction confirmation, Public Services, Document Signatures (incl. DocuSign), Online Account Opening, IoT connection…