Cyber Security & Intelligence Operations Center Preventing Cyber Attacks on the Road to Digital Transformation

In the face of increasingly more sophisticated cyber attacks and cyber espionage, companies have to adapt their organisation to improve the protection of their business.  Thanks to the CSIOC, we will go over all the most harmful attack scenarios for your company. We can thus put in place appropriate monitoring and means of action as well as a governance and processes for the rapid and efficient reaction in the event of alert. Finally, Telindus ensures proximity and transparency through regular reports on activities detected on a defined perimeter.

Key benefits Cyber Security & Intelligence Operations Center

  • Tailored monitoring service 

    The management of and reporting process for any risks for your business are defined in accordance with the specific needs of your organisation.

  • Continuous monitoring and response

    Your business is monitored round the clock, year round. In the event of an alert, you are informed immediately and the incident is dealt with as promptly as possible.

  • Trust and proximity

    Our security centre is based in Luxembourg, at the heart of sophisticated infrastructures. Moreover, you get regular, customised activity reports.

For whom ?

The benefits

  • Your security solution is open-ended and constantly updated.

    Our analysts improve the attack scenarios throughout the term of the contract, adapting them thanks to the experience acquired in the context of your company, but also thanks to the many Telindus teams. In fact, more than 35 persons are now dedicated to security, and they can be called upon to provide their expertise on the technological and operational front. They also provide valuable information on the latest detected threats or known malware changes. 

    In the event of an alert, this team of analysts is also in charge of investigating the origin of the event, the recommendations to remedy it and actions to undertake to return to an acceptable production solution, as promptly as possible.

  • Take advantage of additional security services.

    In addition to the CSIOC, Telindus provides an entire range of services on demand, from on site guidance to implement corrective actions, to the analysis of malware by the forensic service, to helping you determine the sources and impacts of the vulnerabilities of products running on your system.  Services for managing vulnerabilities and monitoring rules of compliance are also available to provide a full service and ensure optimal security for your business.

The characteristics

  • Cyber defence centre available round the clock
  • Solutions and teams based in Luxembourg
  • Proactive and reactive detection
  • Certified ISO 27001

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