Cloud Connect A private connection to the public cloud!

With Telindus Cloud Connect, get direct access to public cloud resources from your Explore network, while bypassing Internet. Telindus Cloud Connect enables communication with cloud services providers (Google Cloud Platform Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services,…) through private links with SLA.

Key benefits Cloud Connect

  • Accessibility guarantee

    By not passing through the public Internet, dedicated lines offer high reliability, stable bandwidth values and low latency for a better access to your data

  • Increased flexibility

    This flexible solution has no geographical limitation. You can thus define the cloud service provider of your choice and build the interconnection at the desired location based on your needs

For whom ?

The benefits

  • Ally performance and proximity

    Benefit from proximity and support in the selection and follow-up of the implemented solutions

  • Gain stability

    Improve your data transfer thanks to a traffic completely dissociated from the public internet. This gives you a more stable and more efficient connection than a conventional one

The characteristics

High performance network

Scalable bandwidth according to your needs

SLA, a guarantee for the peace of mind

Choice of a shared or dedicated access

Connection on site or via datacenter

No geographical limitation