ChatBot solution NGC (Next Gen Communication)

Build natural and rich conversational experiences

Give users new ways to interact with your product by building engaging voice and text-based conversational interfaces, such as voice apps and chatbots, powered by AI.

Key benefits ChatBot solution

  • Guarantee assistance and support at all times

    Available 24/7, a chatbot responds to the immediacy of customer service. Consumers can therefore request customer services - equipped with a digital care solution like the chatbot - day and night.

  • Decongesting support services

    The chatbot has the ability to mass process the most recurring and basic requests. This allows teams to free up their time and focus their efforts on high value-added requests.

  • Collect feedback.

    The chatbot gives voice to customers through a service evaluation at the end of a conversation or transaction or through a comment. The opportunity for the company to know how it is perceived from the outside but also to quickly recontact a dissatisfied customer.

The benefits

  • Improve customer engagement

    Chatbot allows you to analyze the customer journey and improve your services and their user experience.  Being able to provide an instant and personalized response contributes to customer engagement. Satisfied users are more likely to be engaged!

  • A Persistent Human Bond

    The chatbot responds to all requests, as long as the information is in its applications. If ever the customer still wishes to exchange with a human about an intervention, he will only have to ask for it and the chatbot will transmit it to the company's teams.

The characteristics

  • Collaborate with Google using the AI Dialogflow product
  • Integrate with standard communication channel
  • Logical language associations such as "Hello" with "Salut";
  • Management of sentence variants;
  • History retention, providing a continuous experience;
  • Word comprehension, despite spelling and syntax errors;
  • Display the desired response in record time.

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