Assisted Reality solution for modern and connected workforce For more productive and secure collaboration

The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of new collaborative and communication tools. Telindus is participating in these new ways of working by offering its Assisted Reality solution. This solution aims to provide greater productivity and safety in real-time collaboration, inspection, maintenance and repair activities in both the industrial and healthcare sectors.

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Key benefits Assisted Reality solution for modern and connected workforce

  • Enhanced remote collaboration

    Improves productivity, reduces travel costs and equipment downtime

  • Modular and rugged design

    Drop-proof, dust-proof and waterproof solution to help you get the job done even in a hostile environment

  • Full-time hands-free operation

    Allows you to work comfortably all day and easily swap your battery so you don't lose a single minute of work

The benefits

  • Reduce your operating costs

    A remote collaboration solution that will allow you to reduce your costs related to the travel expenses of experts, the risk of work accidents (by minimizing the number of people present on dangerous sites), or even the time required to resolve incidents much faste

  • Improved productivity and security

    The capabilities of a tablet in the form of a headset to securely and hands-free access digital assets, conduct a remote video call, capture high quality video and images, or complete checklists and forms by voice

The characteristics

  • Android 11 operating system with 100% hands-free interface
  • Lightweight at 270 grams
  • Clear sound even in noisy environments thanks to a noise cancellation function
  • High resolution camera for taking photos and videos in low light conditions
  • A 24-bit color LCD screen with a diagonal of 0.32 inches
  • 64GB of internal memory that can be expanded via a MicroSD slot
  • Easily hot-swappable battery for all-day use
  • Compatible with many models of hard hats, goggles, masks and more