Access Control

Access Control is a security technique that controls access both physically and virtually unless authentication credentials are provided.

Key benefits Access Control

  • Security

    A centralized and efficient way of controlling access to any space

  • Convenience

    Eliminates the requirement of carrying physical keys, thereby reducing the risk of loss or theft

  • Productivity

    Helps increase productivity by reducing the time and effort required to access the building

The benefits

  • An Access Control solution with digital capabilities is essential for organisations looking for secure spaces. Beyond traditional security, Access Control solutions help organisations reinforce zone restrictions and improve on-site security.

  • Valued by numerous industries including Government, Pharmaceutical, Aviation, Education, Industry and more, many organisations understand the importance of deploying a solution that can create restricted areas and protect the people, property and assets of each premise.

The characteristics

  • Access Control system
  • Keyless Solution Technology
  • Deep Data Analysis
  • Informed Decision Making