Managed services

Interoute adopts a dashboarding solution to support its business management, in cooperation with Kozalys and Telindus

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Application services

Our offer is based on the management of operations relating to business applications, middleware, databases and tools organised by process (environment management and applications hosted in the infrastructure, change management and application uploads, application monitoring and support, etc.).

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Professional services

Telindus supports you in transformation of your company, thanks to professional services that range from consultancy to support, for a continuous optimisation of your company.

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Service desk

Telindus has more than 200 customers today in widely varying and very sensitive fields such as industry, finance, government, etc... We are able to adapt to each of these fields to provide a high-quality service desk. This solution provides specialised services for IT users relying on a solid network of IT partners and the expertise of our employees. 

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Workplace Management Services

A good user experience is keystone of any IT manager. Telindus can support you with a comprehensive, fully managed solution which provides ease of use and ergonomics to all users, anywhere, on every type of device.

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Infrastructure services

Telindus has developed a service delivery framework that includes infrastructure domains, tools and processes in its catalogue of managed services. This offer can be adapted to your needs to guarantee the levels of service and quality expected by your users and customers.

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Governance Services

Telindus can guarantee availability, performance and flexibility of service, as well as confidentiality, integrity and traceability. These obligations are fulfilled thanks to strong governance based on a national regulatory framework (the implementation of which is strictly controlled), as well as on recognised standardisation methods and programmes or risk analysis methods.


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