Next generation tech trends reshaping the future of your IT and business

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Welcome to IT-Xploration Event

Welcome to our immersive tour of Silicon Valley & Los Angeles, where you will be plunged into the next generation of digital solutions.

Hybrid Cloud, 5G acceleration, generative A.I. and Metaverse : these are among the main tech trends that currently drive digitalisation and softwarization and accelerate the pace of innovation. With the proliferation of these technologies, companies have the opportunity to increase their productivity, reinvent their value proposition and drive the customer and employee experience. 

During this week, you will have the opportunity to meet and exchange with representatives of

Cisco, Microsoft, Fortinet, Google, Salesforce, PaloAlto Network, Infinite Reality and Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence  

to understand how to adapt and adopt these trends to support your strategic ambitions.

Participants 2023
Romain Weiler

Chief Operating Officer at Banque de Luxembourg

Philippe Pedrotti

Chief Operating Officer - BGL

Marc Lauer

Chief Executive Officer at  Groupe Foyer

Rémy ELS

Directeur des Systèmes d'Information chez Foyer Assurances

Alejandro Del Rio

Chief Information Security Officer & DPO at Intesa Sanpaolo Servitia

Jean-Claude Krieger

Administrateur-Délégue & CEO at Intesa Sanpaolo Servitia

Christophe Buschmann

Director - Data Protection Lead at  KPMG Luxembourg

Vincent Arnal

CIO  at  LALUX Assurances

Christian Strasser

Managing Director at LALUX Assurances

Vincent Weynandt

CTO - Luxconnect

Cédric Rochet

CIO at  University of Luxembourg 

Gérard Hoffmann

CEO Proximus Luxembourg

Jacques Ruckert

Chief Solutions & Innovation Officer at Proximus Luxembourg

Christian Haux

Chief Enterprise Market Officer at Proximus Luxembourg

Guy Minella

Cloud and Telco Services Director at Proximus Luxembourg

Luis Camara

Chief Consumer Business Market Officer at Proximus Luxembourg

Jean-Luc Toussing

CIO & COO at Proximus Luxembourg

Participants arrivals


Participants arrival in San Francisco airport ( SFO)
A shuttle will be booked for you at the airport, and will bring you directly at the restaurant.

12:30 - 18:30
Welcome Reception


701 3rd St, San Francisco,
CA 94107, États-Unis

KAIYO Restaurant
19:00 - 20:30
Arrival at the hotel

HYATT REGENCY San Francisco Downtown SOMA

50 Third Street
San Francisco, Californie, États-Unis, 94103

Hyatt San Francisco
12:35 - 18:45
Cisco conference

09:00AM Welcome by Renaud Persiani
09:15AM Cisco Strategy by Jim Grubb
09:45AM Transforming Financial Services by Al Slamecka
10:15AM Break
10:30AM Hybrid Work Tour, 2nd Floor by Chaudhry Shabbir
11:20AM Break
11:30PM Working Lunch: Sustainability by Denise Lee
12:15PM End

Renaud Persiani
Jim Grubb
Jim Grubb
Al Slamecka
Al Slamecka
Chaudhry Shabbir
Chaudhry Shabbir
Denise Lee
Denise Lee
09:00 - 13:00
Microsoft conference

Welcome to Microsoft and enjoy a 2.30 conference.

During the day, we'll be talking about: 

- Azure Open AI by Rashid Moin
- Future M365 & teams by Allen Reitter
- Business Application by Rosalie Corneau-Girard

Mountain View Microsoft office

sebastien respaut
Sebastien Respault
Rashid Moin
Allen Reitter
13:30 - 17:00

And to round off this wonderful day, we're taking you to a wonderful restaurant in San Francisco. 

19:00 - 20:30
Fortinet conference

9:00AM  Arrivals & Breakfast
9:15AM  Welcome & Introductions by Patrick Grillo & Christophe Pleger
9:25AM  Corporate Overview by John Maddison
9:50 AM  Vision & Strategy for Financial Services & Insurance by Carl Windsor
11:20 PM  Break & Office Tour by Alex Samonte

Fortinet launches construction on Sunnyvale HQ in expansion

Christophe Pléger
Christophe Pleger
Patrick Grillo
Patrick Grillo
Alex Samonte
Alex Samonte
Carl Windsor
Carl Windsor
john maddison
John Maddison
09:00 - 12:00
Google conference

12:30PM: Executive Welcome by Rajiv Mirani
12:45PM: Group lunch at Cloud Space      
1:30PM:  GDCH L100 by Rohan Grover
2:00PM:  AI Innovations in Google Cloud by Anna Knizhnik
3:00PM: SVL campus tour by Madhu Yennamani

Un bâtiment vitré devant lequel des bureaux sont stationnés.

Rajiv Mirani
Rohan Grover
Anna Knizhnik
Madhu Yennamani
12:30 - 16:30
Stanford and Conference Dinner

The AI Index is a comprehensive initiative that tracks and measures the progress of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This presentation provides an overview of the latest trends in AI as told by the 2023 AI Index report.

This talk will cover AI from a wide range of perspectives, including trends in technical performance, the economy, policy, ethics and public opinion.

Participants will learn about AI from the very same report that has informed some of the world’s leading policymakers, researchers and CEOs.

Stanford University Backs Away From Its Harmful Language List

Nestor Maslej
16:30 - 21:00

We’re looking forward to hosting you for an amazing experience in the
Salesforce Innovation Center (SIC)!

Morning will start with a nice breakfast with a view on the bay offered by Salesforce team. 

Then you will assist to various pitch and demos .

To round off the visit, let's go up to the top floor, the Salesforce "Ohana Floor", for a 360-degree view of the whole of San Francisco Bay.

Guest Onsite Check-in & Pre-Registration
- 24 hrs before their arrival, guests will receive a pre-registration email from Salesforce Guest Services. Successful completion of the invite will result in a generated pre-registration QR code.
- Upon arrival at Salesforce Tower, guests need to scan their QR code on the provided iPad at the wooden desk
- Please don't forget to bring a government I.D. 

Gilles Mahieu
MaryAnn Patel
MaryAnn Patel
anu agarwal
Anu Agarwal
Allison Stokes
08:00 - 11:30
PaloAlto Networks Conference

01:00 PM    Arrival    
01:30 PM    Welcome & Voice of the Customer by Mazen Dajani
02:00 PM    Palo Alto Networks Vision and Strategic Direction  by Rich Campagna
02:45 PM    Cloud Security Vision & Strategy by Kasi Annamalai
03:00 PM    Break    
03:15 PM    Zero Trust Tour by Imran Bashir
04:00 PM    Palo Alto Networks CIO Perspective by Meerah Rajavel
04:45 PM    Wrap Up & Adjourn by Mazen Dajani

Why Palo Alto Networks moved into the S&P 500, and how it's doing so far -  Silicon Valley Business Journal

Meerah Rajavel
Rich Campagna
Rich Campagna
Imran Bashir
Imran Bashir
Kasi Annamalai
13:00 - 17:00

The San Francisco trip comes to an end for the participants...

After a 1.5-hour flight, welcome to Los Angeles! 

Gratuit Avion Près Du Bâtiment Bleu Et Gris Photos

19:00 - 20:30
Infinite reality

Infinite reality opens its doors to our participants in Los angeles. 

The day includes a studio tour with the general history, the broadcasting, gaming and XR/Virtual Production. 

After that, participants will enjoy a lunch  buffet with entrees, appetizers, and desserts. 

inifinite reality
Sean Cross
Elliott Jobe
Helix Wolfson
Rolando Nichols
08:30 - 12:00
Free time to enjoy LA before going back to Luxembourg
12:00 - 16:30
Back to Luxembourg!


18:30 - 20:30
Renaud Persiani

 Country Leader - Cisco

Jim Grubb

Chief Technology Evangelist - Cisco

Al Slamecka

Sales Business Development Manager - Cisco

Chaudhry Shabbir

Technical Projects Systems Engineer - Cisco

Denise Lee

VP,  Product Management - Cisco

Sebastien Respaut

Country Manager - Microsoft

Rashid Moin

Azure OpenAI Lead ,  Microsoft

Allen Reitter

Product manager,  Microsoft

Christophe Pleger

Major Account Manager - Fortinet

Patrick Grillo

Senior Director, Solutions Marketing - Fortinet

Alex Samonte

Field CTO / VP Product Development - Fortinet

Carl Windsor

Senior Vice President, Product Technology & Solutions - Fortinet

John Maddison

Chief Marketing Officer and EVP, Product Strategy - Fortinet

Rajiv Mirani

VP Engineering - Google Private Cloud 

Rohan Grover

Director of Product Management,  Google

Anna Knizhnik

Director, Product Management, Cloud AI and Industry Solutions - Financial Services ; Google

Madhu Yennamani

Senior Product Manager, Google

Nestor Maslej

AI Index Research Manager -  Stanford

Gilles Mahieu

Regional Sales Director - Salesforce

MaryAnn Patel

Senior Vice President Product management - Salesforce

Anu Agarwal

Strategy Senior Director for Financial services - Salesforce

Allison Stokes

Lead Solution Engineer - Salesforce

Meerah Rajavel

  Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer - PaloAlto Networks

Rich Campagna

Senior Vice President, Product Management - PaloAlto Networks

Kasi Annamalai

Product Line Manager - PaloAlto Networks

Imran Bashir

Director, Technical Marketing Engineer - PaloAlto Networks

Sean Cross

President & Co-Founder, iR Entertainment - Infinite Reality

Elliott Jobe

Chief Innovation Officer & Co-Founder - Infinite Reality

Helix Wolfson

President of Metaverse Operations - Infinite Reality

Rolando Nichols

President & General Manager, Infinite Reality Studios - Infinite Reality

San Francisco & Los Angeles

Practical information

  • Meteo San Francisco : min 13° I max 21°

  • Meteo Los Angeles : min 16° I  max 26°

What to add to your suitcase?

  • Adaptator Type A

  • Sunglasses 

  • SF is a city where the weather changes on a whim and the microclimates create quite variable weather conditions. We recommend to pack a few extra layers: a scarf, a light jacket or warm cardigan for chilly evenings.  Sometimes it's sunny in the morning, but you never know when the town's mascot, Karl the Fog, is going to crash the party.

Dress code?

  • Business Casual : comfortable shoes (city shoes & or basket), jeans & or city pants, shirt, suit jacket