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Magazine U&US

A stimulating source of inspiration for all decision makers :

  • Addresses C-level CIOs and ICT decision makers of medium and large companies.
  • Focusses on business ICT rather than pure technology or business.
  • Explores news and trends related to ICT ad telecom
  • Presents new products from the perspective of “customer benefit” , customer case studies , informations, tips for improving the management of information and processes in organizations
  • Informs about future and not to be missed ICT events
  • U&US 3

    Special Feature "Unified Communications": and if the management of change was more strategic than technology? This issue addresses the UC from different angles: a concentration of information on solutions with obvious benefits !

  • U&US 2

    In this second issue, find out about visions, technology trends and challenges faced by the EFA investment fund industry , and the expansion of Telindus in the cloud computing market. New products and international expansion give a new perspective to this issue .

  • U&US 1

    A first issue composed of testimonials and customer experience feedback and the inspiring look of our experts on the benefits of ICT and Cloud .