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Magazine U&US

A stimulating source of inspiration for all decision makers :

  • Addresses C-level CIOs and ICT decision makers of medium and large companies.
  • Focusses on business ICT rather than pure technology or business.
  • Explores news and trends related to ICT ad telecom
  • Presents new products from the perspective of “customer benefit” , customer case studies , informations, tips for improving the management of information and processes in organizations
  • Informs about future and not to be missed ICT events
  • U&US 9

    Special "Emerging Technologies" features: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, Blockchain, Internet of Things... It's no longer a question of foresight, we have definitely entered the era of the Data-Driven Economy. Within companies of all sizes, new professions are emerging: Chief Analytics Officer, Data Scientist, Data Engineer, or Data Protection Officer. Start-ups are developing solutions using AI, Blockchain or IoT to offer increasingly innovative services.

  • U&US 8

    Special "Multi-cloud" feature: It is an undisputed fact that the cloud has deeply modified the functioning of companies, bringing them agility and flexibility, but also transparency and cost control in a globalized market in the midst of digital change. Whether it is private - unique to one organization - or public - shared by many customers - the cloud is becoming hybrid in order to offer companies the best of both worlds. And now it is becoming multiple!

  • U&US 7

    Special Feature "Fintech": In the last twenty years, consumption patterns have changed profoundly. Traditional sectors have seen their business models disrupted by the digital revolution: as for distribution with Amazon, transport with Uber or rental with Airbnb. Today, it is the turn of the banking sector to be challenged by new technologies.

  • U&US 6

    Special Feature "Mobility": By fostering the convergence between information technology and fixed and mobile telephony, organizations today have the means to develop their digital ecosystem beyond their physical and structural limits and well beyond the limits of our imagination. This special issue "mobility" is full of expert opinions and testimonials from leaders of the Luxembourg public and private sector on topics such as the advent of 5G, fixed-mobile convergence, IoT and Mobile Voice Recording.