Telindus cybersecurity report 2019

Luxembourg-based companies reveal how they currently manage (or not) their cyber security incidents. Let’s review the main pitfalls to avoid and the good practices you should implement to preserve your business!

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2019 Cybersecurity Survey

The survival of a company in case of a security incident is inversely proportional to the time elapsing between the compromise & its detection and response. Efforts should be prioritised to increase readiness and response capabilities in conjunction with the increase of the detection capabilities.

Nowadays companies cannot manage incidents by themselves without information on the global current state of play. As a cybersecurity actor, we wanted to review the situation in Luxembourg. Cybersecurity incident management strategy shall no more be exclusively based on the prevention of recurring past known incidents. It is now mandatory to enhance detection, analysis and response capabilities by leveraging the strength of the community information sharing.

main causes of incidents

What are the main causes of incidents?

We, humans, are widely involved in security breaches and oddly, external threats and attacks are the far beyond our own mistakes when it comes to cybersecurity. Who would have thought so?

How does it affect your business?



Legal & regulatory

Legal & regulatory



You may think about financial costs first but... it's your reputation which suffers the most from a cyber-attack. Loss of revenue actually comes after your reputation, legal and regulatory. More surprising, 17% of respondents have absolutely no idea what financial impacts security breaches really have on their business.

Why don't companies have proper cybersecurity solutions?

Lack of internal skills


Lack of internal skills

Lack of management support


Lack of management support

Business activites


Business activites

Well, there is generally a cruel lack of support from the leading teams in cybersecurity matters. Internal lack of expertise has a role too, an efficient cybersecurity strategy requires strongs skills and experience. Half of the companies asked just focus on other activities and leave that crucial point... aside.

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