From housing to hosting: wager won!

Theirs goals

  • Transfer applications to hosting mode, with 24/7 service availability

The challenge

  • Switch from housing to hosting mode

Soho Media Solutions is connected to a network of sports data providers in North America and Europe. Results and statistics are collected in real time and entered in a database, from where they are distributed to the partner media. Responsibility for the system and infrastructure was transferred to Telindus, with the aim of benefiting from a 24/7 service, an indispensable factor when working with the United States and Canada, markets where peak data traffic occurs between midnight and 6:00 AM.

Given the constant growth, it was also vital for the company to opt for a particularly scalable solution and a partner capable of providing support in a long-term relationship.

The solutions

  • Provide availability, security, scalability and flexibility as well as cost control in pace with the growth of the business

  • Establish a shared Oracle environment

The results

A tailored, scalable solution

Soho Media Solutions has an obligation to deliver data at the stipulated time. A delay of a few minutes can cause considerable losses for its customers. Telindus has translated this service obligation into an optimised and scalable IT solution based on a reliable and efficient system structure, capable of meeting the data delivery commitments.


  • Service available 24/7

  • A solution with high scalability to keep pace with constant growth

  • Use of two “Tier IV” data centres for optimal security and reliability

  • Comprehensive cost control

Discover their story

From the beginning, Telindus listened to us properly because the case was unusual and the customer was not like thier usual existing customers or customer base. They are completely committed to this project and support it wholeheartedly. I think that we are today running a winning project - a winner for both companies.

Guillaume Delannoy - CEO, Soho Media Solutions
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As an independent, Guillaume Delannoy creates Soho-Media Solutions in 1999. The company becomes a Sàrl on the 2nd of January 2000. It currently employs 15 people, mainly in a consulting office. Soho-Media Solutions- has an annual turnover of € 2 million, 400 media use its services, 10,000 sports results are issued per week for coverage of more than 120 sports.