Technology yes, but service too!

Theirs goals

  • Respond to the company's growth and rapid development 
  • Find a partner capable of implementing effective communication solutions, maintaining connectivity between other group subsidiaries, customers and partners

The challenge

  • Within a very short deadline, provide a long-term solution that is both sustainable and comprehensive

The rapid development of the organisation, and the consequent construction of its new headquarters, generated a time constraint that could only be managed by providing the best tools on the market. 

Furthermore, with a view to the various audits carried out by monitoring and control bodies, total confidentiality of communications was a must. Finally, the service concept had to guarantee a high-quality, simplified and protective business relationship.

The solutions

  • Support the company in its growth with U-touch, the flexible and scalable telephony-in-the-cloud solution capable of tackling the growth issues in a positive manner whilst keeping costs under control.

  • Add a “service” dimension intrinsically linked to Telindus Telecom U-touch: a single contact to facilitate exchanges and requests, guaranteeing an efficient and rapid response, but also anticipating the company’s needs throughout its development.

The results

Fast and successful deployment

The Telindus U-touch solution was deployed in the company under a very tight schedule, both in terms of hardware (upmarket devices capable of meeting all the secure communication requirements of SFS Europe SA and from a service point of view, with high-performance, functional and effective tools from one end of information to the other.

SFS Europe SA can now rely on a sustainable and open-ended partnership with Telindus, backed not only by a listening ear, but also by quality service geared to innovation and progress.


Discover their story

Telindus has been able to provide us with a clear, precise and thoughtful solution all of it within budget restrictions and deadlines: what more could we ask for?

Gregory Scattolo - Ex- Administrateur délégué pour SFS Europe SA
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SFS EUROPE SA in short

SFS Europe SA is an insurance broker firm. SFS, with a network of 49 representations in 10 countries, offers a personalized service to real estate professionals, construction companies and individuals. It consits of 240 employees worldwide and it setted up its new head-office in Luxembourg.