As a leading PSF player on the market, our cloud computing needs are met by Telindus

Theirs goals

  • Outsource IT to a PSF partner for the entire group in Luxembourg

The challenge

  • Enter the Cloud with full security

  • Provide personalised assistance

  • Address technical constraints

With the creation of RSM Financial Services Luxembourg, it was necessary to enter the cloud to avoid the considerable extra cost linked to the management of two separate IT environments. The data had to be migrated to datacentres situated on Luxembourg territory to guarantee security at both physical and strategic levels.

Furthermore, absolute data protection of the regulated company’s data was only possible by completely segregating IT from the rest of the group. While an accredited PSF partner was a prerequisite, such a partner also had to grasp the CSSF requirements in terms of traceability, transparency and governance, through the implementation of a continuous risk analysis and a descriptive report submitted to the authority.

The solutions

  • Provide a comprehensive cloud and national connectivity solution where the IT of the two companies is managed in the shared Telindus cloud via the U-flex solution, with absolute segregation of data.

  • Make Telindus the direct contact for ICT compliance at the CSSF

The results

Homogeneity, stability

This solution fully meets the security, scalability, homogenisation and flexibility requirements set by RSM. The group can count on a reliable and reactive partner who centralises all its ICT needs.  

Discover their story

Telindus Telecom has demonstrated a real understanding of our business, which has strengthened our will to establish a long-term relationship.

Laurent Heiliger - Associé gérant, RSM Luxembourg
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RSM Luxembourg in short

RSM Luxembourg was founded in 2001. The group has 60 employees and four separate entities (RSM FHG & Associates, RSM Audit Luxembourg, RSM Cosal and RSM Financial Services Luxembourg). It integrates the worldwide network of independent RSM International firms whose workforce reaches 35,000 employees spread over 700 offices across 111 countries.