Inform passengers and promote the Grand Duchy

Theirs goals

  • Improve the quality of the taxi offer to customers, by proposing connected and interactive tablets in each vehicle giving access to a lot of information
  • Offer customers a transparent service
  • Promote Luxembourg and related commercial services

The challenge

  • Ability to connect in 4G anywhere and send information to the tablet concerning customers’ needs

  • Find a partner who could provide an attractive global package and be hyper-responsive

  • Bring an extra dimension to the Taxi by facilitating access to information

Media Brands wanted to add an extra dimension to taxi travel, by making it easier for passengers to access convenient information on the city and by allowing advertisers to communicate without interruption and in a targeted manner. 

For Telindus the challenge was multiple. It was mandatory to be very responsive, to quickly adapt to the specific and growing needs of Media Brands and find the most relevant solution to offer a competitive package regardless of the number of tablets, but also ensure irreproachable network quality.

The solutions

  • Adapt and simplify its offer as much as possible by offering a single and global package and a quality 4G network

  • Be responsive, efficient and attentive, in order to better support the development and rapid growth of this start-up

The results

From a technical point of view, Telindus has fully understood the needs and challenges of Media Brands and has been able to respond immediately in a tailored and competitive way with its global package offer. Media Brands has thus been able to rapidly deploy its tablets on the taxi network, ensure an effective connection and the dissemination of advertisers’ advertisements in a relevant and continuative way, even when offline.

On the human level, it is a true close relationship that has been established between the teams of Telindus and Nuno Trindade. Thanks to Telindus’ confidence, Media Brands has been able to launch and develop serenely and in the best conditions.  

The benefits for Media Brands

  • Tailored offer

  • Simplified and personalized solution management

  • Cost containment

  • Telindus team's support and proximity

Discover their story

The Telindus teams understood our business very well and quickly found solutions adapted to our quite specific needs. In a few days, they offered us a solid solution, where others planned months! The quality of their service, their transparency and the conviviality of our exchanges make them trusted partners. For the future, we would like to have a more precise vision of the use of our tablets, in order to offer a more relevant service to our customers, and develop payment by Credit card. The adventure continues!

Trindade Nuno - CEO de Media Brands
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Media Brands in short

Nuno Trindade got the idea of inserting connected and interactive tablets in taxis during one of his trips to the United States. Indeed, these trips are an opportunity for all users/customers to learn about the route, the costs of the ride, but also about the weather and news. It’s also a great way to promote the Grand Duchy, through geolocated ads.

That’s how Media Brands was born in Luxembourg less than a year ago. The integrated tablet solution is a software developed by Nuno Trindade and his teams in Portugal, and successively approved by the Luxembourg Ministry.