Raise awareness among the teams for what information security involves

Theirs goals

  • Raise awareness among the teams for what information security involves

The challenge

  • Enhance the "security awareness" of employees in the long term

In its daily business, Lombard International Assurance has to meet the demands of prestigious customers for whom security and above all confidentiality are required and constitute real marks of trust and confidence.  Aware of the importance of raising employee awareness to IT security in an overall and sustainable manner, Lombard International Assurance wanted to deploy innovative and efficient means.

The active participation of Telindus at national and international security conferences, its involvement in the fields of ISO standardisation as well as in numerous professional associations in Luxembourg, but also the many certifications of its consultants, convinced Lombard International Assurance to choose the expertise of Telindus for this mission.

The solutions

  • Develop a tailored phishing campaign to raise awareness to security threats in a professional or personal environment.

  • Test the level of knowledge on security, empower and provide relevant awareness-raising sessions geared to a concrete presentation accessible and understandable by all employees with regard to their daily work.

The results

Better-informed user

At the end of these actions, all employees had a better grasp of IT security issues. “We see it every day in our contacts with employees,” said Anna Curridori.  “Whereas they used to call the IT department only to solve technical problems, they now do not hesitate to contact us when they have a question about security or when they suspect attempted fraud.  Having better-informed employees means greatly improved IT security for the organisation.”  

The benefits for LOMBARD

  • Empowerment of employees to face information security issues

  • Enhanced IT protection

  • Improved prevention and detection of fraud attempts

  • Increased confidence and trust among customers and partners of Lombard’s ability to guarantee optimal confidentiality on the market

Discover their story

This mission carried out together with Telindus is a real success.  We were able to count on their highly responsible teams. We have seen a major positive change in the behaviour of our employees in the face of IT security issues. The challenge now is to continue with similar initiatives in order to maintain the high level of awareness. 

Anna Curridori - IT Security Manager, Lombard
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LOMBARD in short

Lombard International Assurance is a global unit-linked life insurance provider, offering asset planning solutions for wealthy and very wealthy persons and their families. Lombard International Assurance operates in most European markets as well as in Asia and Latin America. With more than 400 staff, Lombard International Assurance has registered sustained growth with €29 billion in assets under management in 2015.