Attentive to performance!

Theirs goals

  • Improve the performance of the bandwidth while meeting strict requirements
  • Find a solution that can provide a good return on investment while improving the data exchange quality 

The challenge

  • Boost efficiency without affecting the activity of users

  • Provide users with a solution to slow response times

  • Maintain obvious performance, quality and security standards

Over the last 10 years, KBL European Private Bankers has backed its development by progressively integrating its subsidiaries into a hub model, a strategy aimed at centralising back office services in Luxembourg, and consequently, at hosting an increasing number of business applications and ICT services including collaboration and mobility tools (electronic messaging, IP telephony, thin clients, etc.).

The solutions

  • Opt for tried and tested, high-performance Riverbed equipment installed throughout Europe.

  • Support the KBL IT team throughout the value chain.

The results

A tried and tested solution for better business versability

With the installation of the Riverbed equipment, tested and installed by Telindus, traffic was reduced to 1.8 TB from 5TB previously, i.e. a 65% reduction, for the same level of quality.

From a business point of view, this solution undeniably continues to be the strike force of the KBL IT platform and allows very fast “time to market”. With more than 20 units installed throughout the network of subsidiaries and branches abroad, the solution has shown what it can do for optimal user comfort.  Daily overnight backups provide redundancy for the group’s data and guarantee service continuity. Telindus also provides maintenance in 9 countries (replacement of defective equipment).

Discover their story

The great thing about Telindus was that they were always ready to listen to us. The consultants who worked on this project supported us in terms of the technical aspects, during the financial negotiation phase, the test period and the roll-out, right through to installation at all of our business units. We were also looking for a partner with an excellent knowledge of telecommunications, who’d be capable of reacting quickly and locally if there were a breakdown or failure.

Jean-Marie Leroy - Ex- Head of ICT Infrastructure, KBL
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KBL European Private Bankers in short

KBL epb is the only European network of local, pure-play private banks. With private banking as a core business, KBL epb focus is very much client-centered with a strong accent on specific local needs, cultural awareness and investor preferences. Initially targeted at the countries of Western Europe, its network of private banks is now extending its reach into Central and Eastern Europe in a bid to increase its reputation as European private bankers. The first new country is Poland, where services are operational from April 2009. This vision of a network of private banks sees the autonomy of each member as a key factor for success. Each member of the KBL epb network enjoys a large measure of independence in defining its particular commercial strategy. As at 31 December 2009, KBL epb employed a total of 2.661 staff of which 57% work in subsidiaries outside Luxembourg.