Reiterates its trust in Telindus by opting for the U-flex cloud solution

Theirs goals

  • Renew its hardware set-up
  • Simplify its IT system
  • Control operating costs

The challenge

  • Provide a technological upgrade whilst keeping costs under control

  • Switch to an optimal cloud solution accessible to all

  • Guarantee immediate functioning without service interruption

In spite of the support provided by Telindus, it was becoming increasingly difficult for HPPA administrative staff to operate the regular management of their server infrastructure. Furthermore, given the latter’s obsolescence, new investment would have been needed, burdening the association with logistics problems and costs. The Telindus U-flex cloud solution was therefore just the right thing. 

Beyond the technological aspects, the major challenge resided in a change of mentality. HPPA had to opt for a fully “dematerialised” service mode, with a provider responsible for the full management of its IT.  Telindus was able to reassure them thanks to the quality of its customer service (Service Delivery Management, helpdesk, account management) and its cloud solution.

The solutions

  • Implementation of the U-flex solution (infrastructure-as-a-service), managed entirely in the cloud and hosted in the Telindus data centres.

  • Provide a flexible and scalable infrastructure, with total cost control and the required quality guarantee.

The results

A stable environment

HPPA now has a stable IT environment enabling it to focus on its core activity once again. The institution has real control over its costs and a solution that provides adaptability and speed, but also flexibility.


The benefits for HPPA

  • Enhanced stability

  • Cutting-edge, scalable solution

  • Time saved and productivity improved

  • Costs optimised and brought under control

Discover their story

Thanks to the Telindus Telecom U-flex solution, we have gained in stability and serenity. We have therefore naturally renewed our trust in Telindus as it assures us a real service quality.

Claude Erpelding - Directeur Général Adjoint, HPPA
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HPPA in short

The association was founded in 1996. 600 employees (hostel and care industry) committed to the comfort and care of 700 residents distributed in 6 houses across the country, and particularly in the Central and Northern regions.