Choose Telindus for our international development

Theirs goals

  • Develop in Europe and throughout the world
  • Boost corporate sales

The challenge

  • Develop corporate and international sales

  • Remain flexible to be able to keep pace with the expansion

Owing to the shortage of resources and datacentres in France, Gandi wanted to start up in Luxembourg. Gandi International targets in particular the Nordic countries, Switzerland, Germany, the Benelux and the United States (a country where it already has a datacentre in Washington and a team in San Francisco). To that end, Gandi has to recruit international profiles and find datacentres meeting the strictest standards. Luxembourg is the ideal place, with its many Tier IV datacentres, multilingual population and availability of excellent engineers.

The solutions

  • Place a computer room in a Tier VI datacenter at Gandi’s disposal, providing good national and international connectivity possibilities, in line with its growth policy.

The results

A business-generating eye-to-eye partnership

Far more than an infrastructure provider, Telindus is a partner with whom Gandi can develop its business through engineer-to-engineer discussions with respect for its corporate culture: "No BullshitTM".

The benefits for GANDI

  • Good understanding of needs: “engineer-to-engineer” discussions

  • Flexibility and customised support for the international development of Gandi and for its corporate clientele

  • Very good connectivity

  • Reactive, technically competent and reliable partner

Discover their story

If Telindus hosts Gandi’s infrastructures with hundreds of thousands of clients and our needs at the tip of technology on the cloud, it means that it is able to handle just about any company!

Stephan Ramoin - Director of Gandi
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GANDI in short

Stephan Ramoin buys Gandi in 2004. is one of the first registration offices for domain names and Gandi a key player in the cloud hosting world since 2007. As of the 1st of July 2013, Gandi managed 1.433 million active domain names for clients in 192 countries. Stephan Ramoin wanted to create the company in which he would have loved to work, and sell the products he would have wished to buy.