Enhance our security with Telindus

Theirs goals

  • Take into account the growth in the workforce and new IT infrastructure needs
  • Raise awareness among employees about the dangers threatening the integrity of law firms’ data systems
  • Enhance security – constantly subjected to more stringent requirements – by integrating the human factor

The challenge

  • Implement new standards, formalise procedures

  • Deepen the management of the human factor in the security chain

  • Adopt a pragmatic approach to training

Elvinger Hoss was looking for a provider capable of supplying training specifically adapted both to its infrastructure and to the needs of its staff and organisation. “We called on the team of the Telindus Security Audit and Governance Services to raise awareness about cyber threats among our employees and to assess their level of vigilance,” said the partner. “It was also a matter of adapting our communication channels for all eventualities, because the devices affected can be anything from an employee’s PC at our headquarters in Luxembourg or the smartphone of a partner travelling in China.”

The solutions

  • Support the organisations to implement an effective cyber defence strategy.

  • Initiate the staff of the firm in good practices and points of vigilance:  data protection, detection of email scams and malware, password management, escalation of red flags or the plethora of different threats.

The results

A future marked by outsourcing

The firm plans to outsource a part of its infrastructures to the Telindus datacentres.

“The reasons again have to do with problems relating to the growth and security of our customers’ data: with our departments spread out over several buildings, it is becoming increasingly difficult and costly to obtain the level of service that we expect from the various technical participants,” concluded Karl Pardaens.


The benefits for ELVINGER HOSS

  • Staff informed on the techniques and methods used by cyber criminals

  • Internal training programme expanded to cover the fight against fraud, intrusion and to the theft and alteration of data

  • Organisation ready to deal with the security expectations of an increasingly demanding clientele

  • Awareness of the benefits brought by outsourcing solutions, including for information security