The Telindus Training Institute supported us

Theirs goals

  • Migrate from Office 2003 to Office 2010
  • Manage the migration of 5 million sensitive files without affecting productivity
  • Find a reliable and flexible partner

The challenge

  • Carry out a flawless Office migration on 1600 workstations

  • Stick to the 4-month schedule and allocated budget

  • Provide information sessions

The aim of CFL was to migrate from Office 2003 to Office 2010 without impacting its business. A 4-month schedule was charted to migrate Office on the 1600 workstations. Moreover, information sessions on Office 2010 had to be provided for all employees, always within the deadlines.

The solutions

  • Provide a realistic and effective approach adapted to the challenges faced by CFL, concentrating mainly on “critical” files so as not to have to migrate all files to the new Office 2010 version.

  • Conduct a tailored presentation on the major new features of Office 2010 and the related impact of format changes, and provide assistance and coaching for the duration of the project.

The results

A successful Office migration beyond expectations

The migration project was conducted with greater speed and ease than had been expected by the CFL IT team. The “critical” files were corrected for an optimised migration. The budget target was met – and indeed proved less high than expected, thanks to the solution provided by the Telindus Training Institute.

The benefits for CFL

  • Effective migration and optimised costs

  • Satisfied employees

  • Successful change management

Discover their Story

By offering an optimised migration of our data and by taking an anticipated upstream scenario into account, Telindus has enabled our employees to pursue their daily mission without the quality of their work being impacted.

Philippe Henrion - Chef de Service, CFL
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CFL in short

The Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer Luxembourgeois or CFL, was created in 1946 with the mission to operate the Luxembourg railway network. With all of its subsidiaries, the CFL Group currently counts about 4.000 employees. Its mission is the national, cross-border and international transportation of people and goods (freight) by rail and/or by road.