U-flex, connectivity, security: 3 areas of expertise

Theirs goals

  • Provide a high-performance application solution to a professional clientele
  • Guarantee excellent connectivity
  • Benefit from ultra-secure hosting
  • Ensure maximum confidentiality

The challenge

  • Take overall control of the infrastructure

  • Remain scalable

  • Competitive budget

In the context of expanding the B@nkVista solution, it was necessary to have end-to-end control of the infrastructure, guaranteeing high-availability connectivity with a powerful bandwidth, but also meeting the solution’s very strict hosting requirements, in an ultra-secure datacentre. ABN AMRO also wanted a scalable solution and a recurrent cost rising in line with the increasing load of the application in terms of customers and functionalities.

The solutions

  • Propose a U-flex solution for the hosting and high-availability connectivity.

  • Nurture a constructive dialogue with the team writing the B@nkVista solution to jointly bring the project forward.

The results

A hosted solution offering full security and optimal data access.

In choosing Telindus, ABN AMRO could rest assured of working with a one-off partner: on the human front, thanks to the Single Point of Contact (SPOC), and on the technical front, thanks to the total control of the data, which is hosted with full security and transmitted in a similarly controlled flow. 

With these elementary guarantees met, the bank can now focus on the commercial success of its tool, making the most of this competitive asset and guaranteeing top service to its customers. Recurrent costs are also under control, in line with the development and deployment of B@nkVista.



Telindus has been able to take ‘the additional step forward’ in terms of innovation, and has not hesitated to go beyond its prerogatives to make the project succeed and to generate an optimal result.

Sylvain Momin - Ex- Head of Country Technology Organization, ABN AMRO
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ABN AMRO in short

ABN AMRO is a international banking group. It is present in Luxembourg since 1988. It consists of 170 employees and 6 billion in managed net assets.
Its 3 business activities are:

  • Traditional Private Banking which counts 3700 customers
  • Wealth management
  • Business Banking, to whom this new B@nkVista service is dedicated.