10 reasons for choosing Luxembourg!

1. Crossroads of Europe

Situated between Belgium, Germany and France, Luxembourg is a unique, indispensable platform in the heart of Europe. Linked to the French TGV network, and with a modern airport, Luxembourg has fast connections to the main European capitals.

2. European capital on a human scale

Luxembourg has all the advantages of a large capital city whilst retaining the spirit of proximity and warmth of a city on a “human” scale. It plays host to a large number of multinational companies and international banks.

3. High-performance infrastructure and environment

The country has many high-quality infrastructures and connectivity with the main European Internet hubs. Thanks to a large volume of fibre optics and premium datacentres, Luxembourg boasts high-performance infrastructures and facilities for your data. With one of the best electrical networks and the lowest energy prices in Europe, all companies have access to fibre optics here!

4. Expertise in the legal and financial sectors

Luxembourg has developed unique expertise in finance over many years, and is today the leading private banking centre of the Eurozone and the second largest centre of investment funds in the world after the United States.

5. Security and trust center

The Luxembourg financial ecosystem has managed to establish a strong and stable culture of investor and has strict policies on money laundering.

6. Multilingualism and multiculturalism

All nationalities cross paths in Luxembourg. The cosmopolitan multilingual and multicultural environment promotes exchanges and enables the country to perfectly respond to the needs of an international clientele. As education is multilingual in general, most Luxembourgers are polyglots, able to speak Luxembourgish, German, French and English.

7. A modern business-friendly regulatory framework

A triple A rating, a favourable fiscal environment and a stable political landscape are some of the reasons for doing business in full confidence.

8. Nerve centre of EU institutions

Like Brussels and Strasbourg, Luxembourg is a key location in Europe. The European Court of Justice, the European Investment Bank, European Commission Services (translation, publications, statistics) are institutions located in Luxembourg.

9. Excellent quality of life

The small nation offers its 576,200 inhabitants a very good quality of life.  According to the international consulting firm Mercer, Luxembourg ranks 19th among the most pleasant cities to live in.

10. High level of safety

Luxembourg has been selected as one of the safest cities in the world, among the 230 metropolises analysed by Mercer, in terms of interior stability, crime, the maintenance of local public order and the relations of the country with other countries.