Press Release - 29 March 2017

Telindus awarded with the “Awareness Security Initiative of the Year”

Luxembourg, March 29th- - Telindus is proud to announce that it has been rewarded with the “Awareness Security Initiative of the Year” by a jury of 30 ICT and Cybersecurity Professionals.

The Awareness Security Initiative of the year rewards an organisation for a project or an initiative promoting awareness of the information security issues. Telindus has been rewarded for its national campaign consisting in the free trial of its security level, called “Test us” ( and launched in April 2016.

The objective of the “test us” campaign, is to measure the level of exposure to ransomware attacks by assessing the awareness level of its employees. This campaign simulates a phishing attack scenario developed by Telindus’ “Ethical Hackers”.

“This award marks Telindus’ will to secure the Luxembourgish ecosystem by capitalising its many years of experience and of as many awareness centred projects.” Says Cédric Mauny, Senior manager Cybersecurity Department of Telindus.

Further to the different tests carried out during the campaign, Telindus reveals it infographics which highlight the key numbers and several recommendations to reinforce the security of its company. This infographics can be downloaded on the web page ( A whitepaper on the Luxembourg awareness is in preparation and will be available on the same web page very soon.