Press Release - 20 December 2016

[ICT] Guardian Glass consolidate its IT in European scale with Telindus

Guardian Industries, worldwide leader in the glass-industry, consists of several factories and warehouses in 25 countries that each have their own IT management system. This solution doesn’t meet requirements in terms of agility and performance anymore and affects productivity. Guardian made the choice of consolidating all its IT environment system in Luxembourg. Guardian also adopts Citrix technology in order to insure a high-quality user experience to all its collaborators. Telindus assists Guardian in the application of this solution in Europe.

Consolidate Guardian’s IT in European scale

Present on the five continents with no less than ten production sites and a dozen of warehouse in Europe, Guardian needed to revise its IT strategy in order to gain efficiency and to increase service quality for its collaborators. “In order to standardize the IT management on the worldwide scale but also to increase services quality towards all our collaborators, the decision has been taken to consolidate the IT firstly with only one infrastructure in Europe” explained Romain Laumesfeld, Datacenter Operations Manager of Guardian Europe. For the European centralisation, Luxembourg and Telindus host Guardian’s infrastructure and application base thanks to advantages conferred regarding scalability, security and connectivity.

Citrix, guarantor of flexibility and services quality

In order that Guardian gains flexibility in the services management and in the needs of the 1200 European users, Telindus suggests to rely on Citrix technology for the application base’s migration in the different establishments of Guardian. “By offering us the possibility to divide application software on separated servers and to make operations per site rather than on the whole system, the management and the maintenance are highly facilitated. We also have a highest level of automatization in the tasks to carry out and we have gained in transparency. From now on, we can work on a perimeter better delimited, with a highest reactivity”, commented Romain Laumesfeld. Thanks to this solution, Guardian have a strengthened management in all its IT while having the possibility to manage more easily all its application base. In this way, Guardian can maximise the cost of its networks without degrading user experience which is essential for the proper functioning of the productivity. “With this project, we gained competence and credibility.” declared Laurence Metzler, EMEA IT Director of Guardian Industries.

About Guardian Industries

The Guardian group is worldwide leader in the glass-industry. Present in 25 countries, it employs more than 17.000 people. Guardian’s products find their applications in numerous sectors, like for instance the automotive sector or also the building industry. By relying also on research and development, Guardian develops technical and innovating glasses that enabled to meet the new technological challenges. In Europe, Guardian’s headquarters are based in Luxembourg where the group holds several installations.