Press Release - 15 December 2014

Telindus wins the award for the best relationship with its customers 2014

Luxembourg, December 16, 2014 – Telindus is proud to announce that it has been elected as "Great Company to Work with" 2014 by a jury of 50 CIOs from the industrial, financial, services, construction, trade, transports, logistics and public sectors.

The IT One Gala 2014, which took place on December 9th at the New Conference Centre in Luxembourg-Kirchberg, culminated in the Luxembourg ICT Awards after a dinner attended by more than 650 professionals of the ICT sector.

The “Great Company to Work with” award rewards the company that has excelled both by the quality of its customer relationship as by the quality of the proposed services. This is a major distinction aimed at rewarding the company with which it is good to work.
“This prize was created at the initiative of the CIOs so as to reward the company with which they like to work the most. In addition to the winner’s high quality technical solutions, it is mainly its mind-set, its initiatives and the imported overall working atmosphere that are praised. The CIOs were asked to choose their top 3 among the ICT companies with which they appreciate working.” Kamel Amroune, Managing Director, ITOne.

“We are extremely proud of this award, which not only rewards our permanent efforts in developing innovative services in line with our customers’ needs, but also praises the human support of our experts.” says Gérard Hoffmann, Chairman and Managing Director of Telindus Luxembourg. “Our key differentiator is a matter of skills and therefore of people. Our consultants are highly qualified profiles from the best courses. We have built our abilities on this basis over many years. This does not just happen. To maintain our qualifications, we have constructed an entire culture which allows our employees to form, develop and hence have a key role in the anticipation of our customers’ problems. We are delighted to see that, through this award, the local decision makers affirm their satisfaction in working with us both because of our advanced technical solutions and because of the expertise, flexibility and availability of our teams”, he concludes.

About Telindus Luxembourg

Telindus Luxembourg is the Belgacom Group’s ICT branch and, through Telindus Telecom, the Group’s enterprise operator in Luxembourg. It provides solutions to a variety of private and public-sector companies. Its areas of expertise include enterprise networks and connectivity (national and international), datacenters, systems, storage, security, collaboration, applications and mobility.