Services & Utilities

Services still make the difference

The services and utilities market is under heavy pressure. Globalization and liberalization generate entirely new dynamics. But you can still make the difference through the services you provide. As a real-time provider you can respond to the pressure on the market by paying extra attention to customer service. In order to achieve that, you have to be able to count on a reliable and secure ICT environment.

A stable network connection between your branches and offices is a first requirement. Your field staff will in many cases ensure the direct contact with your customers. It is important for them to have the required customer information available immediately, through high-performance mobile applications which can access the data in the datacenter. Specific applications - such as smart metering for public service corporations - may also be required.

Services & Utilities Network

  • Explore platform to interconnect headquarters with production facilities & service points (offices, hotels) : easy, reliable, secure, flexible!
  • Explore International to support the multinational reality
  • Internet access street to protect multi-sites
  • Managed services to outsource network management & focus on business
  • In-store wireless networks to engage in customer conversation on-the-floor (hotel, local office, service point)

Services & Utilities Datacenters

  • International datacenter connectivity
  • Datacenter outsourcing, focus on business
  • DaaS for multi-site companies : no more local servers in the multiple service points!
  • Disaster recovery : deduplication of critical data
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for applications used in multiple service points
  • Virtualization, consolidation of own datacenters

Services & Utilities Security

Physical security for securing access to energy production facilities & service points:

  • Video surveillance
  • Identity and access management

Services & Utilities Collaboration

  • Videoconferencing & Telepresence to reduce travel cost within multinationals
  • Webconferencing & collaborative tools for distributed workforce
  • Call & Contact centers to enhance customer service levels

Services & Utilities Applications

  • M2M applications to automate value chains
  • Digital signage to engage in customer conversation in the service point
  • Smart metering for real-time Utilities
  • Streaming for employee or customer conversation

Services & Utilities Mobility

  • Mobile applications : embedded applications, field force mobility
  • Fleet management for large GSM parks
  • Mobile marketing towards consumers
  • M2M solutions
  • Location Based Services
  • International dimension of voice/data/applications