Retail & Manufacturing

Quick & efficient communication

Globalization has had a large impact on production and logistics. Contemporary companies are working with a worldwide supply chain. Production and distribution no longer happen in one place, but in different locations spread around the globe. These locations are selected depending on your specific functional needs and your aim for an optimal cost structure. Each of these locations is the most appropriate solution for a partial aspect of the supply chain. But you also want flexibility in that area: the locations you work with change quickly and often. Staff, customers and suppliers work with mobile applications and mobile data.

At the same time, globalization is also a fact on the customer side. Customers order online, at all times of the day, from any location. Fast and efficient communication with your customers - through different channels - is crucial in all this.

For those solutions Telindus, together with Proximus, builds on the known pillars: network, datacenters, security, cooperation and mobility.

Retail & Manufacturing Network

  • Explore platform to interconnect headquarters with distribution centers & shops : easy, reliable, secure, flexible!
  • Explore International to support the multinational reality
  • Electronic payment over Explore in retail shops
  • Internet access street to protect multi-sites
  • Managed services to outsource netwok management & focus on business
  • In-store wireless networks to engage in customer conversation on-the-floor

Retail & Manufacturing Datacenters

  • International datacenter connectivity
  • Datacenter outsourcing, focus on business
  • DaaS for multi-site companies e.g. retailers
  • Disaster recovery : deduplication of critical data
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for retail applications used in multiple point-of-sales
  • Virtualization, consolidation of own datacenters

Retail & Manufacturing Security

  • Physical security for production facilities, shops & service points
  • Video surveillance to protect assets (property, people, data)
  • Identity and access management

Retail & Manufacturing Collaboration

  • Videoconferencing & Telepresence to reduce travel cost within multinationals
  • Webconferencing & collaborative tools for distributed workforce
  • Call & Contact centers to enhance customer service levels

Retail & Manufacturing Applications

  • Supply chain management applications
  • Integration of software suites throughout the supply chain : CRM, order, planning (ERP), production, shipping, delivery
  • M2M applications to automate supply chains
  • Location Based solutions for tracking & tracing
  • Digital signage for in-store communication
  • Streaming for customer or employee communication

Retail & Manufacturing Mobility

  • International dimension of voice/data/applications
  • Mobile applications
  • Fleet management for large GSM parks
  • Mobile marketing towards consumers
  • Mobile payment (retail, vending machines)
  • M2M solutions (vending machines, production facilities)
  • MVNO Mobile Virtual Network Operator for marketing
  • SMS services : contest/game/vote/coupon