Real-time media firms generate new turnover through innovation and interactive solutions.

The role of the media is changing. A growing number of people are mobile and online. The exchange of information is gradually ousting the traditional one-to-many media model. As a media firm you develop business models from which you derive new turnover, for example by means of new channels advertisers use to reach new media users. Driven by the changes in the use of media and the technological evolution, you are searching for new ways to interact with your audience. It is important to be close to the media user, with an interactive and mobile range of products. Consumers need media content at all times of the day, from any location and through any device. You obviously have to adjust your existing methods. Solutions such as Explore for Media, Unified Communications, telepresence, video conferencing, streaming services and mobile interactivity allow you to concentrate on your core activity.

Media Network

  • Explore for Media
  • Transmission for event support

Media Datacenters

  • Hosting service
  • Storage & archiving
  • Focus on outsourcing, driven by cost cutting and centralization

Media Collaboration

  • Videoconferencing/Telepresence
  • Digital Signage

Media Applications

  • Interactive applications
  • Streaming services

Media Mobility

  • Mobile news gathering
  • Mobile interactivity (SMS/MMS Premium, Mobile TV/VOD/internet, ...)