Working together better in a strong ICT environment

Telindus sets up the ICT environment you need. While doing so, we integrate all aspects of the ICT side of your enterprise: implementation, validation, service provision at the time of installation, program and project management…

Telindus takes care of the actual development of the ICT plan for your strategic and technical consultants. As an integrator we combine the required components for the infrastructure and applications. We are responsible for the implementation of hardware and software. We coach every aspect of the process and coordinate all the parties involved. A single point of contact will be designated for you to contact throughout the process.

The result? An integrated ICT environment which allows you to respond fully to all aspects of the any³-economy. We offer the appropriate ICT infrastructure which will make your staff more efficient, more mobile and more accessible. Simultaneously, we link your environment to that of your customers, suppliers and partners: thus guaranteeing a flexible and secure cooperation.

  • Implementation & Validation
  • Installation Services
  • Program & Project Management