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Managed E-mail: Telindus Business Outlook

E-mail is one of the most used communication channels in business today. Obviously, your employees need an e-mail solution they can rely on. It's essential to stay in touch with colleagues, or to build and maintain relationships with customers, suppliers and partner.

Telindus, together with Proximus, offers Business Outlook, the professional e-mail solution that is based on Microsoft Hosted Exchange 2010. Business Outlook provides you with all the benefits of a highly performant e-mail solution, but without the need for internal expertise to install, support and maintain it.

Business Outlook consists of three products: Microsoft Outlook 2010, Outlook Express and Outlook Web Access (using an Internet browser). Thanks to Business Outlook, your employees can access their data using their PCs, as well as using a smartphone (running on Windows Mobile), PDA or BlackBerry. This way, Business Outlook provides your employees with a higher degree of mobility.

Telindus Luxembourg can offer professional certified expertise on the Microsoft Exchange technology. With an advanced installations and migrations background Telindus Luxembourg is able to take your company to a higher level of efficiency in the mail experience.
The new Exchange 2010 is not only an advance tool for administrators, it is also offering excellent user experience. The Exchange 2010 is allowing browser access that is advance like the Outlook 2010 client. The user can access shared calendars, archives and smart functionality in the web browser as well as in the Outlook 2010 client.

For the administrator daily tasks will be easier and budgets will be relieved as advance technology is allowing cheap storage solutions as well as the possibility to easily configure a high availability environment.