Enterprise Applications

The operations of your business do not stop at the company gate

Close cooperation with partner companies is booming in the any³-economy . Both your internal business processes and the interaction with customers and suppliers have to become ever more flexible. Your applications have to be able to handle complex data models and multimedia and also meet the required flexibility standards.

Telindus, together with Proximus, has the expertise to integrate your applications efficiently. We ensure a more efficient production planning or reduced administration by linking your core processes to those of your partners. We make sure that your mobile staff can access the right information always and everywhere. This multiplicity of links to the outside world also implies that special attention has to be paid to the security of your data and the access to applications.

We offer solutions that allow you to optimize your value chain. To this end, we have developed solutions with a focus on the specific needs of your business sector, linked to our expertise concerning mobile services and the use of digital media.