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ICT Propositions

Telindus provides a range of advanced solutions in four main technical expertises: Network, Datacenters, Security, Collaboration, Applications and Mobility.

Our objective is to ensure customer satisfaction, we therefore strongly invest on training for our teams. We are most of the time at the top level of certifications for main partners we work with.

Discover our solutions below:

What's good for the environment is good for your business

Climate change is one of the major challenges of the 21st century, containing potential risk as well as business opportunities. As a leading provider of ICT services Telindus is committed to playing an important role in preserving the environment and enabling the transition to a low-carbon society.

In the next years, we will provide our customers with products and services that help them manage their own environmental footprint more efficiently. Our products and services can contribute to ways of living and working that are more efficient in terms of carbon emissions and energy consumption. In general, ICT can play an important role in our transition towards a greener economy. The GeSI/Climate Group Smart 2020 study demonstrates that through enabling other sectors to reduce their emissions, the ICT industry can reduce global emissions by as much as 15% by 2020 - a volume of carbon emission five times its own footprint in 2020. The focus will mainly be on transport and logistics, where carbon emissions keep growing.

In 2010, Cisco recognized Telindus Luxembourg’s outstanding performance in developing an innovative approach to help customers meet their sustainability goals. By implementing internally the Cisco Telepresence system for its own usage, Telindus reduces considerable long-distance travel and contributes to sustainability.

Telindus' green solutions

Enterprise Collaboration

Web and call conferencing, videoconferencing and telepresence are collaboration tools that help you improve productivity of your employees. The physical location of your employees no longer has an impact on their ability to work together with colleagues, customers, suppliers or partners. These tools help you save on travel budget as well, while reducing your organisation's CO2 emission, making enterprise collaboration good for your business and the environment at the same time.

  • Do the math: how do you benefit from teleworking?
    Offering the possibility to work at home offers a series of gains, for the employer as well as the employee. For the employer, it's a way to help reduce office space and increase productivity. For the employee, teleworking offers an extra means to create a healthy work-life balance. The Telindus' teleworking calculator shows your profit in money, time and efficiency. As your employees' daily trip to the office results in a considerable amount of CO2 emission, teleworking also an efficient way to enhances your organisation's green footprint.
  • Do the math: how do you benefit from videoconferencing?
    Transportation is expensive. On top of that, it's responsible for a large amount of your company's CO2 emission. Videoconference offers a perfect green alternative to travelling by car, train or airplane. For the employer, videoconferencing is a way to help reduce the company's ecological footprint. For the employee, teleworking offers an extra means to optimise his or her time management.

Enterprise Datacenters

The use of virtualization and blade technologies allow us to reduce cooling needs and energy consumption in our datacenters, while improving the datacenters' storage capacity. This makes our datacenters cheaper to run. Apart from your business, the environment benefits from our green datacenter approach as well. We offer hosting solutions that exclusively run on renewable electricity. We also offer consulting services to help you optimise your own green datacenter.

Enterprise Applications

As your organisation is using the SaaS model for applications and application services, it relies on Telindus' optimised ICT infrastructure instead of its own. Your organisation benefit from economies of scale realised through centralised processing and a model of shared services. On top of that, you save on travel budget, reducing operational cost. SaaS also helps you reduce your organisation's CO2 emission, as you have less employees travelling to install, test and maintain ICT infrastructure. This way, using the SaaS model Telindus helps you reduce your organisation's ecological footprint.

Enterprise Mobility

Working from home or from satellite offices has several benefits. Mobile solutions allow your employees and machines to work and communicate from any location, at any time of the day and with any device. That's good for the environment, too. These mobile solutions help you avoid a lot of unnecessary travelling, reducing your organisation's carbon footprint. Mobile solutions also help your employees save time and gain flexibility.

  • Machine-to-Machine Communication (M2M)
    Reducing your energy consumption allows you to reduce your operational cost, for example through reduced billing for electricity and gas consumption. And of course, that's good for the environment as well. M2M communication allows you to remotely monitor and manage the energy consumption of your organisation's machines, vending equipment, and more.
  • Embedded Application Development
    Telindus, together with Proximus, has cooperation agreements with various partners to develop, implement and maintain innovative solutions to expand and launch applications that help companies increase their sales people's efficiency while keeping a keen eye on their CO2 footprint, thanks to geo-optimalization, Track&Trace modules, dynamic forms, etc.
    This gives administrators and managers direct real-time and paperless overview of the actions of their mobile teams. I.e. orders can be sent to the office for treatment immediately and without CO2 consumption.

Enterprise Network

The Telindus Remote Operation Center (iROC) proactively manages your redundant, high speed and low-latency network, thus making sure you receive the most reliable and energy efficient network solution. Next to our Managed Network Services we offer consulting services to build your network on equipment that is low in CO2 emission and energy consumption.

Greener Computing: www.greenercomputing.com

Smart 2020: www.smart2020.org

Climate Savers Computing: www.climatesaverscomputing.org