About Telindus Telecom

A new kind of telecom operator

Every business needs to communicate externally and internally. Until now, you have had to be skilful jugglers to find the best solution out of the often inflexible and incomplete offerings from operators in order to find the best compromise in the interest of your company.

Telindus Telecom, Telindus' new operator brand, is a new kind of telecom operator, which provides the best global telecom and ICT solution for businesses in Luxembourg. Relying on Telindus Luxembourg's expertise, Telindus Telecom can provide your business with tailor-made connectivity and datacenter solutions adapted to your specific needs, including fixed and mobile telephony, Internet, networking and Cloud computing.

We know that customers' requirements can be so specific. Whether you are an SME, a large company, a local authority or a telecom operator, Telindus Telecom offers you the most tailored solutions portfolio.

Whether you want to optimize your network, interconnect your business sites, outsource your IT or deploy collaboration and mobility services, you must rely on a scalable network tailored to your business needs.

To deliver its cloud and colocation solutions, Telindus operates a high-performance datacenter environment within the infrastructure of LuxConnect. These solutions ensure to stand out for its flexible, reactive, dynamic approach and high level of customer services.

Our solutions portfolio includes:

More info: www.telindustelecom.lu

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  • Flexible approach: Benefit from connectivity solutions tailored to your specific requirements.
  • Single point of contact: You get a local-based single point of contact for all your telecom and ICT needs. We assure the best responsiveness for all customers’ interactions and always putting your requirements first.
  • Security: We offer a high level of customer service and our solutions are compliant with Luxembourg financial sectors regulations. We provide end-to-end solutions that incorporate the best technology on the market, data security and confidentiality.

More info: www.telindustelecom.lu

  • Best of both worlds: As an expert in both telecommunications and ICT, Telindus Telecom offers the best of both worlds. By combining the telecommunications skills of our mother company Proximus and Telindus and with a presence in the local market, we are able to provide you with a highly competitive connectivity service, both within Luxembourg and abroad.
  • Connectivity which responds to your needs: Telindus operates a state-of-the-art optical network in Luxembourg, an MPLS network, its own Internet access platform and integrates Tango services for mobile requirements. In Luxembourg, the network already covers the country’s major business areas and all the datacenters.
  • One partner: Together with Proximus and Tango, we have built a strong presence in Luxembourg and across Europe. Our 400 specialists are dedicated to helping business run more effectively.

More info: www.telindustelecom.lu

In the next years, Telindus is firmly committed to its telecom operator business, and shall invest substantially in its staff, network and datacenter infrastructures to continue expanding its activities in this field and continiously expand its customer services.

We strongly believe that a significant advantage for CIOs is that end-to-end solutions are provided by one dedicated single point of contact within Telindus Telecom, speeding up decision-making processes and improving its clients’ productivity.

The development of communications solutions for the ICT Leader in Luxembourg necessary raises questions. We have launched our blog where you can leave a message or ask a question. We answer in less than 24 hours.

More info: www.telindustelecom.lu